Friday, May 11, 2007

Gathering, trim and steak.

1. A small boy squatting down on the pavement to collect fallen rhododenron flowers.

2. Watching three inches being sliced off my hair. 'I bet that feels lighter already,' says the hairdresser when she is halfway round.

3. Katie cooks us a piece of dark red steak from our favourite butcher. It is juicy and delicious and I appreciate every mouthful.


  1. would love to know who your favourite butcher is...I currently use the one in Langton Green. Just to say I love your blog and having thought initially that '3 beautiful things' would be a bit nausea inducing, I'm loving it.

  2. We like the one at the farmer's market on the Pantiles -- he is only there every other market, though. You'll know him because he looks like a former rockstar (he's probably not, but that's what he looks like) and he wears a red and white striped apron.

    Glad you like 3BT -- it's a narrow line between nausea and positivity, so I'm pleased to hear I'm getting it right.

  3. This is such a wonderful idea ... I have much enjoyed reading what gives you pleasure. I could do this with my garden ...

  4. Mmmm...we had the perfect steak on Sunday...yum. That IS a beautiful thing.


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