Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The apple, off the snow and an evening with friends.

Was talking about bird footprints in the snow the other day, and look, Lucille has put some pictures on her blog, Useful or Beautiful.

1.How gratifying to see the apple I put out for the birds pecked into a mass of peaks and chasms.

2. It's such a relief to come off compacted and frozen snow, where I have been sliding and sinking by turns, and on to a gritted road.

3. Coming into a warm, bright house where there will be an evening of pizza and gaming.


  1. The birds must be desperate for any crumb they can get. I put out fresh cook beet root and it went. Also much to my surprise avocado was pounced on too. I am just about to pop a potato in the microwave for their lunch.

  2. And now I will always think of the birds scribbling!
    Redwings today. Really unusual for us. I put apples out for them.

  3. I love #1, and the footprints were amazing!

  4. Bless you Den for your microwavey generosity!

    Lucille, lucky you. Did you see Snow Watch (an Autumn Watch special) -- they were talking about redwings and fieldfares appearing in people's gardens. I was just thrilled with my little blue tit.

    Rosebud101, I'm going to start having a bet with Nick as to which beautiful thing you're going to pick each day.

  5. pizza and games with friends - nice evenings

  6. NoI didn't see Snow Watch. I only knew about redwings because we once had a flock of them in our apple trees at home and my mother made us all come and admire them and now I'm doing the same to my children!


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