Sunday, January 03, 2010

Birch, recycle and the walk.

1. A stand of silver birch trees on a bright day in winter. Their white trunks shine in the drab dead woods.

2. My cousins give me a bowl made from an old record. Amy says it's easy to do -- you put the record over a mould, and put it in a cool oven and it just falls into place.

3. We go for a walk with my aunt and uncle to see the place where my uncle pulled a drowning man out of the canal.

4. A boy wading in a frozen pond at the sandpit. His friend -- wearing trainers, is overcome by the temptation to follow. My aunt and I throw chunks of ice across the surface to hear the thrumming echo.


  1. Does that thing with the record really work? I want to try!!

  2. Me and my husband drove doen a road lined with silver birch trees this am i the morning frost and brilliant sunshine was streaming through the bare branches giving them a reddish hue - it was magical.

    Julie xx


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