Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blue Monday, the rescue and more steampunk.

1. Blue Monday went well. Kent Libraries handed out blue bookmarks on which people wrote a cheerful thing. The bookmark was then randomly slipped into an outgoing book. I was stationed in Tunbridge Wells Library to help the uninspired. The gent who put "Meeting the blogger" down as his cheerful item made my day; as did the naughty old man who wrote an off-colour joke as a rebellion against the enforced cheerfulness.

2. My mother appears and takes me out to lunch.

3. Sinking into a hot and bubbly bath. I am reading Scott Westerfield's Leviathan -- which is thrilling. It's 1914 -- but not the 1914 we know. The warmongering Germans are ranging their war machines across Europe, while across the English Channel, the Darwinists are preparing to join the fray with their engineered animals. The stories of an Austro-Hungarian prince and a midshipman with a secret run parallel, switching back and forth with some brilliant cliffhangers.


  1. I love the idea your local library had. Well done you for helping the idea fly. How unexpectedly lovely to have a blue book mark drop out.

  2. It really did make some people smile. I can imagine the right bookmark really making someone's day.

  3. Liked the bookmark thing....wonderful mother and sounds like a great book and the best way to read it....in bubble bath.


  4. Hi Clare
    Hope all is well with you.
    I thought you might like to see this
    - she left a lovely message on my blog and I told her I would like to send a link to her site to you - this gratitude thing is catching!
    love and good wishes,
    x Elspeth

  5. The naughty old man in #1 made me guffaw out loud!


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