Friday, January 08, 2010

On the wire, icicles and the toboggan.

Edit: 3BT podcast is live.

1. I like to see snow finger deep on all the telegraph wires.

2. Icicles hang off the grate covering the raised drain. They look like the bars of a cage for wild ice beasts.

3. A mother pulls her toddler through the snow in one of the green plastic boxes supplied by the council for our paper rubbish. The toddler (in a pink knitted hat) peers over the top looking very pleased with herself.

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  1. Being English, it feels like this time of year should be cold and snow. However, living in Australia and about to move to Singapore, this is mid-summer, so I am very envious of the girl in #3 being able to enjoy that. I miss snow, although perhaps a lot of people may or may not share that sentiment!

    james - Outré 3BT's

  2. I've always been enchanted by icicles - Every time they make me think of something different.

  3. Each post has such beautiful imagery! Sorry about the spammer.


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