Monday, January 25, 2010

Refill, noise and greens.

I've added some new people to the Roll of Honour: Bella Bead Jewelry writes about a happy day at school and Words and Pictures.

Here are my favourite posts from beautiful thing blogs.

Finally, Dave Barnett (who runs the excellent Tunbridge Wells Events) spotted a poster up in the library for this event, and it's put a big smile on my face. If you're in town, please do pop along to the library between noon and 2pm, where I'll be helping the librarians cheer up readers on Blue Monday.

1. The birdfeeder needs refilling, and I startle a little brown bird when I cross the drive. It flies away, wings thrumming.

2. Nick has bought some wireless headphones so he can watch TV without disturbing my work.

3. Ribbons of dark spring greens piled on a plate of smoked fish chowder.


    1. Hi Clare,
      I linked to your blog a while back but have only now begun to post 3BT regularly. And even now, I'm only doing Mondays. Baby steps, right?
      Thanks for encouraging us all to look for beauty.

    2. Thanks for the mention, Clare. It was an awful week. Fingers crossed that this one will be better!

      Love reading what you have to say... Such a lovely little glimpse into your life.

    3. Clare, one beautiful thing I like about your blog is that it is so peaceful. You appreciate the little things. I leave her filling better for having been here. Thank you.
      I love #2 today.

    4. What delightful comments -- thank you Jackie, Erin and Rosebud101.

      Jackie -- I'm putting you on the Roll of Honour. If you tag your 3BT posts, then I can link to them much more easily, and do all sorts of magic like putting them in the 3BT feed bundle and on the rolling updates.

      And yes -- baby steps indeed.


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