Monday, January 04, 2010

Guilty pleasure, birch again and the homecoming.

This week I've been astonished to see the hit counter on the 3BT podcast creeping up -- thanks for listening, everyone.

I've added Outré and It's a Long Way Home to the Roll of Honour -- thank you James and Cathy.

Becoming Human and Whitney at Glimpses of Grace and Louisa Parry have all been enjoying the company of small people -- I just hope Whitney's little'un managed to get herself out of the hatbox. Plutarch has seen daffodils braving the frost. Raymond Pert has put away a burger 'the size of a buffalo's head'. Merope discovers Marks and Sparks and salt 'n' vinegar crisps. And Eyebee is taking pleasure in Shredded Wheat.

1. My aunt says: "Do you want to go to Hobbycraft?" as if she is suggesting a guilty pleasure to us.

2. More birch trees -- their top branches have been smeared by an artist's finger covered in burgundy pastel across a landscape of fawn and khaki.

3. I come home to Nick, and we hug each other so tightly. It was our first night apart since the wedding.


  1. Hi Cathy,

    firstly, many thanks for adding me to the roll of honour, but also for introducing me to 3BT. It's so nice to be writing those now, like it's nice to spend at least 10 minutes focusing entirely on good things happening around and for me and the people around me.

    I like #3 - the hug. I am reading Louann Brizendine's "The Female Brain", and apparently 'the act of hugging or cuddling releases oxytocin [one of the feel-good chemicals along with Dopamine].' and 'a twenty-second hug from a partner seals the bond between huggers''. It sounds like you have a really nice bond.

    James - Outré | 3BT


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