Friday, January 15, 2010

The rain in Tunbridge Wells, truffles and red pepper.

The podcast is up.

1. The soft whispering rush of torrential rain is a welcome sound when we open the front door. It is washing away the snow and melting the ice.

2. A box of truffles arrives from Artisan du Chocolate -- I am writing a feature about them. I eat four (they pop so satisfyingly) because they are delicious (complex flavours in the shells, and a silky filling flavoured with a local wine), and I want to work out exactly how to describe the experience.

3. Abel and Cole has sent us a beautiful red pepper. It is shaped like the nose of a Venetian mask, and its glossy skin shades between red and green. I look at the places between the colours and try to understand where the red ends and the green begins.


  1. Abel and Cole sent us one of those peppers too. We ate it last night. It is not only aesthetically awesome but tasty too!

  2. The sound of those truffles make me *really* hungry!! Good luck with the description of them ;)

  3. The box is calling to me now... but I should wait until Nick gets home and has his supper!

  4. #3 is amazingly visual! Wow! That comment is truly a work of art!

  5. Can't agree with number one, I miss our snow. Number 2 and 3 captured my imagination and I want to eat lots of chcolates now. Preceeded by stuffed peppers.


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