Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dry ground, the meeting and what have you brought.

Here is the Blue Monday film made by Kent TV video journalist Tom Chown. Yesterday on Twitter he was complaining that I didn't make him a beautiful thing. Perhaps by rights he should have been, because the interview was a lot easier than I thought. I was afraid that I would gabble, or dry up, or say something ridiculous; but it was all good. It felt just like having a chat, so I relaxed and almost enjoyed it.

1. After weeks of wet, seeing that the drive has dried up to the point that it's not muddy any more. This means no fewer grimy footprints in the kitchen.

2. I've never been to a MS Live Meeting before -- it seems miraculous to be listening to a trainer in Pennsylvania, knowing that people are listening in from all round the UK.

3. Anna's youngest wonders about the bundle wrapped in a red and white tea towl that I've brought with me. "It's a... why don't you open it?" says Anna. And even an ordinary loaf of bread is a source of wonder.


  1. I like the bread particularly. It's understanding that a person makes this terribly common thing we take for granted.

  2. Enjoyed your TV appearance - well done, you came across very well, evangelising the 3BT message! You've got the blog and podcast, now you need your own 3BT TV show ;)

  3. That was nice. I enjoyed meeting you there. I once paid to put uplifting quotes on postcards in a newsagent's window to oust the more unsalubrious 'adverts' which my children had just started to notice and read.

  4. Lucille -- do you mean you came to Blue Monday? I wish I could have chatted longer with more people. I'll try harder next time.

    I love your postcard idea! I wonder if you could apply for an Arts Council grant to pay for the postcard fee?

  5. Oh! I should have put quotes round meeting. I meant seeing you on the video.

  6. That's OK Lucille -- I was just worried that I hadn't given due attention to a reader at the event.


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