Saturday, January 23, 2010

Found, patience and noodle soup.

1. I have held up the queue scrabbling through my bag and my pockets, but the lady behind me (she is wearing a scarlet coat and a diamante dragonfly brooch) shares my relief with kind words when I find my purse.

2. A little girl sits in a supermarket trolley. She is waiting patiently for the pink iced donut in a plastic bag on the seat next to her.

3. A dish of clear chicken soup with finely chopped vegetables (dots of carrot, threads of greens) and glutinous rice noodles.


  1. I must be hungry, Clare! #3 sounds the best to me today!

  2. 1. How lovely.
    2. Cute.
    3. I want some please.

  3. patience at such an early age ---`


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