Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Touching, happy dinosaur and a class.

1. I discover this wonderful thing here in Tunbridge Wells -- Art at Your Fingertips -- a library of tactile pictures for people with a visual impairment. Each picture comes with audio to help the user understand what is under their fingertips.

2. Overheard: a woman talking to her colleagues about a phone call to her little boy. "He said: 'Just a minute, I have to go and do the stompy happy dinosaur dance.'"

3. I hurry across London in the gathering dusk for a class at the School of Life -- How to Survive Your Family. I like the idea of people gathered in the same room for one purpose.


  1. I think I could do with that class. Was it any good?

  2. Yes -- it really made me think. I was alert and attentive for the whole thing (unusual for me!) and I enjoyed meeting some of the other participants.

    I think you get out what you put in -- if you go in willing to engage and keen to know more, you'll come away with lots to consider.

    This is the man who ran it -- -- I thought he was very engaging and authentic, so I felt as if he was making the journey with us.

  3. Adorable. The class sounds heavenly. I think we should all do one now and again !!!

  4. My dear friend Rainy believes that art saves lives...I think it is a dynamite idea to share art with those who are visually impaired. Thank you for sharing that little bit to brighten my day, Clare! Enjoy the day! Erin


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