Sunday, November 12, 2006

Discovery, style guidance and stand still.

1. There is something new on the apple juice man's stall. Bottles of pinkish Discovery juice. Being a sucker for anything pink, I put some bottles in my order. 'Have you tasted it?' 'No.' 'Have a try. Normally it doesn't make good juice, but this year...' He's right. It has a fantastic appley smell and it's sweet and sour all at once. While I drink it, I can imagine eating a Discovery apple and feeling the juice running down my chin.

2. Woman of a certain age overheard in a shoe shop: 'I've got to be tactful about what I wear: I'm a twin, you see.'

3. Everything stopping for the two-minute silence on the 11th of November at 11am. Gradually the stalls stop serving and everyone turns towards the war memorial to stand still and think about all those who died protecting our way of life.


  1. Great blog! I would add to #3 "are dying and will die" regarding the preservation of our way of life.

  2. Clare

    I'm sorry, I stole your idea for my blog.

    Pigeon, where are people dying preserving our way of life?

    From The D man


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