Saturday, November 04, 2006

Letters, children's classic and still alive.

1. Two lovely long emails from friends, and text message full of news from another friend, and a note from Fenella's mother with a wedding photograph.

2. The bit in Swallows and Amazons where Titty is left alone on the island to put candles in the leading lights. I like it because she enjoys her own company so much, but then wishes she could go back to Holly Howe after her mother comes to visit.

3. My neighbours coming round to check that I'm still alive; and a get well soon note from work in the comments for yesterday's post.


  1. Here is someone who lives on another continent, has never met you, and has you in her thoughts. Ain't technology grand? (Avail yourself of some and get those teeth out!)

  2. Things have been a bit hairy for me lately and yet everytime I come to this site(which is frequently now) I always seem to leave feeling better, thanks Clare...



  3. Hello Clare,
    I was trying to explain your blog to my mum recently, without too much success. However, when I mentioned you were from Tunbridge Wells she became very excited. She was staying/living there when the war ended and remembers climbing up on a hill the night they turned all the lights on to mark war's end. Thought you'd be interested.
    PS Still loving life with 3BTs

  4. Harpz -- That's so cool! Isn't it funny the links you find. You think your mother would be willing to contribute to my other blog -- Tunbridge Wells Tells? It's 400 words about Tunbridge Wells.

    Blu -- Glad to have been of service. Hope things start looking up soon.

    Stella -- Thanks for the thoughts. I'm feeling tonnes better so perhaps they helped. I am thinking about having them out, but I want to find the right dentist.

  5. Hi Clare, I'm sure mum would love to. I'll get her to write something up and I'll send it in. We're going to try and set her up with internet at her home soon so she can start communicating with the world.


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