Sunday, November 05, 2006

Valued customer, little indie boys and one mind.

1. My favourite vegetable man has not been at the Farmers' Market on Civic Way recently. It was a relief to find that he has defected to the Pantiles Market and that he hasn't forgotten me. And while browsing in one of my favourite bookshops, the Pantile Papertole -- it's the sort that stocks a jumble of used and new -- I am offered a cup of tea by the owner. That's service for you.

2. At the Dunorlan Park fireworks, a little indie boys wearing a long striped top and his hair gelled down into a lank fringe at the front and up into tufts at the back. He had his arms around two girls. He made me think of a Rolling Stone. They almost fell over three more little indie boys who asked in cracking adolescent voices: 'Are you gonna stay in town after this?' 'He's got to be home by 10 o'clock,' said one of the girls.

3. The joy with which the crowd greeted the fireworks. At first there were some sarcastic oohs and ahhs, but these were quickly replaced by genuine gasps of amazement at high rockets exploding overhead in umbrellas of coloured stars and smoke; and clouds of bright fireflies falling slowly earthwards before twinkling out one by one.


  1. long time reader here, who has often cited you on my blog, and finally got around to putting a permanent link to you - daily reading that is good for my soul!


  2. 1. The feeling you get when, a mere 25 pages in, you realize that the book you're reading is going to end up on your all-time favorites list.

    2. My annoyance at the day's setbacks (both showings of the movie I wanted to see had been sold out) as well as my irritation at the too-loud music and the overly affectionate grandma at the table next to me at lunch melt mercifully away into philosophical amusement after the first few sips of my mixed drink.

    3. We could've taken the train home, especially since we had lots of heavy bags to carry, but we chose a long, twilight walk among the autumn leaves instead.

  3. I loved your definition of umbrageous at Word Imperfect today!

  4. Your website is quite awesome. Loved the description of the fireworks! But, tell you ever have a bad day where you have trouble finding one beautiful thing, let alone three?

  5. Clare,

    Thanks for adding me to your roll of honour!


    I have days that it's hard to find even one beautiful thing, but the more you make a habit of writing beautiful things down, the easier it is to see the little moments of joy. Small things that I normally would overlook are becoming more obvious each day. It's a lovely thing. Sometimes we do have truly awful days, but I can look around and see, for example, "My little chicken timer, which helps me limit my time online" - a silly thing, right in front of me, that's worth smiling about. I can hear the sound of rain and realize that, although it spoiled my exercise plans, it's a soothing sound. I can smell a candle, nearby and be happy that my husband cut out the piece of rotten carpet where we had a minor disaster, yesterday (although, obviously, I could focus on the fact that we have the upcoming expense of flooring replacement) and enjoy the pleasant scent.

  6. Viva little indie boys for they make the rockin' world go round...


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