Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wonderment, vocals and ready meal.

1. He-who-shall-not-be-named is normally unmoved by anything; but a random gust of wind whirling leaves past our first floor window makes him marvel a little.

2. Ellen comes in to say that Douglas-downstairs is alone in the office and singing 'and he's rather good!' We crowd to the top of the stairs to try and hear him.

3. A neat little homemade shepherd's pie in an earthenware dish. I made it last night with some leftover mince and mashed potato. Much more satisfying than a ready meal.


  1. What a great premise for a blog! Whenever I need perking up, I'm heading right over here. Awesome!

    Thanks for brightening my day.

    Amy :)

  2. Hi Clare,

    My beautiful thing for today is homemade Dutch Apple Taart (no it's not a typo, it is actually spelt this way) covered in liberal helpings of cream...delicious!

    Love Lou XXX

  3. what's beautiful about your writing is not only the way you craft your words...but the inspiration it brings to people who read it.


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