Monday, November 20, 2006

Ideas, textile and comradeship.

1. The row of Christmas card proofs pinned to my notice board. I giving myself time to get used to the wording and typography.

2. Looking down at my cross-stitch and feeling as if I've achieved something. Cross-stitch scratches the same itch as sudoku and jigsaws, but at the end (if I've picked a good design) I have something pleasing to look at.

3. Being walked home on a revolting night of rain and high winds. Good company makes me bold, so we take all the shortcuts across the Common that I don't dare to use at night by myself.


  1. Hello clare, what a great blog, very refreshing... three beautiful things... i just came across you by way of 'peace & mirth' and am very glad i did.

  2. Thank you for looking in on me. I am honoured! Off I go to read the have started a Movement!

  3. I think good company makes us all bold and impulsive. We were sitting down with some new friends last night talking about books and all of a sudden I was seized by an irresistible desire to purchase and read all the books we were talking about.

    Has that ever happened to you?

  4. Its beautiful to have company, especially when you're a girl. My sister stayed with me for a month, and we attended concerts and do's at the farthest corner of the city... now that she's gone, I don't dare to go, for its very tough to commute alone that late in the night... sighhhh... b'bye evening shows!

  5. Karravakarela -- yes, all the time! It's worse if I read about the books though. I try to add them to my Amazon list, rather than buying. You can see the result of THAT by clicking the link way down at the bottom of the sidebar.


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