Friday, November 10, 2006

Knife, assistance and tunes.

Note: Norm Geras has interviewed me on his eclectic Norm Blog -- it will appear sometime today. I've never been interviewed before, and was tremendously flattered, but also a bit blinded by the lights. If I sound like a moron, that's why. But anyway, I recommend poking around beyond the interview on Norm Blog as there seems to be something for everyone.

1. The easy way a brioche loaf slices. The knife seems to slip through it as if it wants to be in slices.

2. Now that Ellie is taking all our phone calls, it's much easier to concentrate on the work that I really enjoy.

3. Finding a CD that I've forgotten I own. Looking down the track list, I can't recall any of the songs; but once it's playing it all comes flooding back. The Coral -- The Invisible Invasion


  1. I liked the interview quite a big, thus my visit to you. Your 3BT idea is fabulous, not unlike one I had although mine was meek by comparison - just one. I going to try it and if I like it I'll join your group. Thank you!!!

    Wave at your lovely town for me. I've visited and enjoyed it immensely.

  2. Are you a boy or a girl?

  3. That was a great interview, Clare. Some quite thought-provoking questions from Norm.

  4. 4. After cutting halfway through the brioche loaf you realize the baker had already cut it for you.

  5. Loved your interview with Normblog- that's why I came over- reckoned that someone who liked Robert Frost's Stopping by the Woods and Jane Austen must be a good writer an lo and behold you are.

  6. Hi Clare, I read the interview. Good one. And it was good to know a little bit more about you.

    I, unfortunately, gave up writing 3BT after the first attempt. Things went from a peak high on the day of the post, to absolutely down in the doldrums and I am now,(uncharacteristically and inexplicably!) scared to write anything good in case things got jinxed again. Talk about being paranoid!

  7. Alex, I'm a girl. Last time I looked I was, anyway! How about you?


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