Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Marmalade, going down and dark.

1. Hilary brings a marmalade cake into work. We eat it for elevensies at 9.45am and then again for elevensies at 11am.

2. The sunset call. At this time of year, at around 4.20pm, one of the people sitting on the west-facing desks will say: 'Look at the sky!' and we all run to the windows -- or out into the carpark if it's an especially good one -- to admire the orange and red and pink stained sky.

3. Proper darkness -- living in a town I don't often see proper, pitch black, can't see my hand in front of my face. I grew up in the countryside, and I really miss it. However, now that the nights have drawn in and we never leave work, which is in the middle of nowhere, before nightfall, my darkness craving is satisfied.


  1. Hello!

    3BTs is a lovely idea. I'm so glad that after it was recently mentioned to me, I decided to take a look today! I couldn't help but comment on your first beautiful thing!

    Marmalade is such a lovely word & though I’m not a great fan of the stuff for me it has a mellifluous quality as if the stickiness & gooeyness ooze out as you say it! After finding it as a surprise ingredient in a Danish pastry, with some friends a couple of days ago, I looked it up. It seems to have taken quite an intriguing journey before it’s arrival onto our breakfast plates!

    Here 'at work' I'm very much enjoying reading your blog!

  2. Clare

    You know me, I've been inspired by your blog and looking through here I'm not the only one! Your name pops up everywhere. I just wanted to say thanks.

    Grumpy (but not always)

    PS. I was trying your links on blogs you read, is the first one right or is it spam?

  3. ooops... That should have been a link to the excellent A Dress A Day -- http://www.dressaday.com/dressaday.html not a stupid spam site.

    Thanks for pointing it out Grumpy Bear.

    And I'm glad you are enjoying 3BT, Miss Nat!

  4. You are an inspiration - I find myself explaining to the people who read my blog that the idea was yours and your Beautiful Things are interesting and exotic to those of us in Southern California!

    Mmmmm- marmalade cake!

  5. I love the sunsets, at my office happens the same very often. Thanks for your beautiful blog.

  6. The view of Hong Kong city at night time from Ted's balcony. You would not believe his apartment! One of the perks of being an expat methinks... *:)

  7. Clare,
    I have to agree with Kate you are an inspiration to a lot people. I tend to be a negative thinker so some days its hard to think of beautiful or happy thoughts that happen. But if I just sit at my desk, I relax and enjoy the quiet(well mostly quiet). I'll think about the day and a ton of things pop in my mind. This is a wonderful way to end my day. Thank you again. Oh and I was wondering exactly how many elevensies are there in one day? LOL

  8. I love the word "elevensies" - it's so great. Do you use that in place of our "break" of "breaktime" that we use here in Canada?


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