Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Warm comfort, shadow play and steamed buns.

1. Rolling over in the night and finding a still-warm hotwater bottle with my cold back.

2. Sunbeams slanting through trees so that the almost bare branches make shadows on the mist.

3. Showing James, Kim and PaulV the ways of Chinese steamed buns. They are light and sweet and fluffy, and I imagine that when we have evolved into Eloi this is the sort of thing we will pluck from trees and eat.


  1. I can totally picture you with the Eloi, wandering down to the stream amongst the trees.
    4. Picturing your blog friends in situations from movies you have seen. Even better to have them making the suggestions.

  2. Hi!
    Where did you find Chinese steamed buns... I miss them so much! Did you have custard ones or lotus seed paste or another type?

    I wasn't feeling hungry til I read this... now I feel famished!

    Jen xx

    PS. I haven't got round to emailling Rosey yet. It's on my to-do list for when I've finished the latest manic bit of essay writing!! Do you know if she's ok on her island? I presume she hasn't fallen off the edge of the world :-)

  3. Jen -- Rosey is back from her island for a few weeks. I spoke to her the other night at great length. She seems quite happy, and is doing a lot of cycling.

    There were no custard buns or lotus seed ones, which sound divine. We had roast pork and chicken and mushroom ones. We got them from a new dim sum restaurant in Tunbridge Wells. They have a dumpling trolley -- how cool is that? I tried steamed buns first at a dumpling place near Oxford Street a couple of weeks ago and it was love at first bite.

  4. Ooohhh! steamed buns! Last place we lived had a good Chinese grocery that carried the sweet bean buns! Yummm! Now I can't get any kind of steamed dumplings. Just another recipe I have to conquer.

  5. i will add my voice to the chorus of those in praise of steamed buns. i don't know exactly what they are, but i am in favor of them.
    when will you invite us over for dinner?

    ps. i love that you sleep with a hot water bottle. it seems so british. (imagine that.)

  6. For those in the UK I believe the practice of offering small chinese dishes via a trollies from which you can pick and choose is called 'Dim Sum'.

    Here in Australia though we call it 'Yum Cha' (meaning to drink tea) and Sydney's Chinatown has some great yum cha restaurants. BBQ Pork steamed buns are my favourite :)


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