Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nearly home, just made it and synchronicity.

1. Towards the end of a journey, spotting 'Tunbridge Wells' on a roadsign.

2. Getting back to the office moments before Oli, who usually gives me a lift to and from work, leaves for the day. This mean that I didn't have to make anyone go out of their way.

3. Katie calls and she sounds as tired as I do. We chat for a while discover that we are both about to curl up with comforting DVDs -- Nanny McPhee for Katie and Kiki's Delivery Service for me.


  1. Ahh, "curling up"... I spent all morning trying to find the right thing to curl up with on a cold afternoon.

    Luckily I found it! For a few years, the folk music show on my home public radio station did a Christmas special called Ornaments and Icing - the music was fantastic and I was sorry they didn't keep it up. I was glad, though, to find that you can still listen to the old shows online (sometimes they'll take stuff like that down, which is always disappointing.) Try it for a little pre-Christmas cheer!

  2. I loved Nanny McPhee. how did you like it?

  3. I thought it was great - funny and magical. Why do *you* think she got more beautiful? I don't think it was just their perceptions changing, I think their being good did actually work some magic.

    BT this morning: The Thames looked solid and gleaming like a slab of wet stone in the rain storm.

  4. Katie,
    I think it was the children's "magic". They knew what was right and how they should behave. They just needed to believe in themselves. Everytime they believed in themselves with a little guidance from Nanny they were able to see the good that surrounded them. So little by little they were able to see the real beauty in Nanny and all the wonderful things, like family that surrounded them.


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