Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Small person, men at work and joyous.

Items of interest
And now, back to normal service.

1. Being allowed to hold the nephew of He Who Shall Not Be Named. The baby was very sweet -- even if he did posset, hiccup and suffer from a bit of wind. It was also good to meet HWSNBN's sister, having heard so much about her, and it's always fun to have a baby to pass round the office.

2. A mysterious noise outside my window turns out to be the Men From the Council stringing Christmas lights across the High Street. They were working just a couple of bay windows away from me.

3. Being told that 'joyous' is a 'very Clare word.'


  1. ...outside my window this morning the yard men are working dilligently to catch up from last weeks holiday. We celebrated Thanksgiving here in Austin,TX, with 80F temperatures and sunny skies and thankfully the landscapers had a couple of days off.

    I wanted to say that I'm happy to be apart of the 180+ hits you receive here everyday and as such your site was partly responsible for my creating a site of my own. Mostly my friend April and I read each others sites and comment back and forth. We miss each other since I moved away from North Carolina this summer. We're both busy but our sites keep us connected. I turned her on to 3BT and now she's checking up on your daily's when she's not changing baby Brooke's diapie or reading to Will.

    Thanks for posting and hope all is well with you in Turnbridge Wells.

  2. HWSNBN is an uncle? Congrats!

  3. I love all your posts, but I particularly enjoyed the bit about Joyous being a clare word. That is so true!


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