Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lucky pills, hear no evil and Welsh myth.

1. Ow ow wisdom teeth alert. My jaw hurts, my ear aches, my throat is sore and I am hot and cold all over. Woe is me. Then I remember talking to my dentist about wisdom teeth-related emergencies while I was in Africa earlier this year. He gave me course of antibiotics just in case. Are they still in date? Yes. And the capsules are a cheery and reliable-looking red and yellow.

2. My work computer has no speakers. Boo. But this means I have to use earphones if I want to listen to the radio at lunch time which means almost no interruptions by the phone and people wanting things, because I can't hear them.

3. BBC Radio 7 had a dramatisation of The Owl Service. It's a novel by Alan Garner inspired by the Welsh Blodeuwedd myth. I read it when I was very young and didn't really appreciate the whole love-triangle class tensions plot, but this time I got a lot more out of it.


  1. 1. I was hungry this morning but not sure what I wanted. Then I came across the Wikipedia article on the West Country, which stated "The region is most famous for its produce of cider, clotted cream and pasties." Although I wasn't likely to find any of those things around here for lunch, it sounded tasty indeed!

    2. I know people get really obsessive about LUSH products, but most of the ones I've tried have been pretty unremarkable. This, however, is a notable exception.

    3. My dad conceding that I might know more about the diet of American cows vs. the diet of English cows than he does.

  2. i don't know anything about that myth, but i like how the Welsh use the letters Y, W and D in virtually every word and that they never actually sound like those letters. i'm not sure why i find that so cool.

  3. Pesky wisdom teeth, no speakers... and you still find something positive to say!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. I've had the same annoyance with wisdom teeth, and when they get better, it is a beautiful thing! I didn't know about the Blodeuwedd myth. Thank you for sharing the link to the explanation. Your no speaker situation reminds me that I replaced the "ding" of incoming email with a voice mp3 of a very smooth female voice that states, "message delivery" in a most plesant way.


  5. Headphones for work computers are indeed a good thing. When you are wearing them, people are more likely to only interrupt you if it is important. This technique should be used sparingly (ie only when you have something very important that needs to be done and requires a solid slab of time to do it) else people get "headphone fatigue" and interrupt you when they feel like it anyway.

    Also, it's good manners in open plan style offices. Not everyone wants to hear the soundtrack to the latest YouTube front page pick or, in my case, no one else wants to listen to my eclectic taste in music.


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