Monday, November 27, 2006

Mole rats, lost treasures and crowd.

1. A wildlife documentary involving naked mole rats. I like mole rats because they live in bee-like colonies, with a queen running the show. I think this shows an admirable determination to do their own thing.

2. A programme of BBC radio shows believed lost but then recovered. My favourites were The Green Machine -- a factory worker bonds with his vibrating sprocket press causing chaos on the factory floor; and The Great Fire of London -- a collection of eyewitness accounts of historical events.

3. Something Andy said to me on Saturday -- the more I think about it, the more I like it, which is why it counts for today. He pointed out that the 180 hits each day on Three Beautiful Things is about the same number of people as a primary school assembly. So... uh... play nicely, and please note that the loos by the adventure playground are out of bounds until the plumber removes the tennis ball from the soil pipe.


  1. I found this blog of yours accidentally and got hooked up. I like the idea and the compact structure. Have a good day! Greetings from Finland, the land of the Polar night.

  2. Read this:

    Like I said! Very therapeutic!

    Have a great day... :)

  3. Okay that didn't work.

    Here we go:



    Copy, paste together and read! :)

  4. Hi Liisa -- are you in full Polar night mode at the moment? I'm flagging with just under eight hours of daylight!

  5. Azure -- that's really interesting. Scientific validation of the 3BT way.

    This should be a clickable link: Researchers seek routes to happier life

  6. Wow, interesting article. Out of all those suggestions though, I think the 3BT way works the best. It's simple, it doesn't ask you to ask deep questions of yourself (especially not on a daily basis) and its effects creep up stealthily but consistently. I agree with the woman who says she regularly gets 10-20 BTs a day now. Once you start looking you see them everywhere.

  7. Clare,

    We have about six and a half hours daylight at the moment. And had a glimpse of proper sunlight at about 11 o´clock AM today!

  8. OK, but I can't stand here with my legs crossed all day - when is that tennis ball due out?

  9. Hullo! We love your site!
    So I've added you to my list of 'Happy Sites' on my blog. I hope you can visit sometime....


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