Monday, November 13, 2006

Well red, vicar's bicycle and boots.

I don't mention Now's the Time nearly often enough -- Plutarch 3BTs here in Tunbridge Wells, and in my opinion, he is one of the most skilled 3BTers.

1. I've mentioned guelder rose and its gleaming red berries before; I'm going to mention it again because the leaves have now turned crimson.

2. A bike leaning against the back wall of a country churchyard at service time.

3. My Berghaus walking boots. Since I bought them back in 2000, they've taken me to Nepal, China and round Africa. They've been up and down mountains and tramped across the mud of Kent and Sussex farmlands. They've protected my feet on a volunteering holiday and walked me safely to work on snowy days. They've been paddled through streams and shuffled through sand -- desert and beach. They've moved house three times with me. They've waited patiently in ski lockers for me to come back and marvel at how light they feel after a day in ski boots. So far, they show no signs of wearing out, so I hope they've got a good few miles left in them.


  1. thanks for your three beautiful things. you have been an inspiration to this blogger.
    three beautiful things i have noticed today.
    1. the time i spent with my boys today. graceful, timeless, effortless communion at a time of new seperation from thier mother.
    2. playing the guitar. my gift to myself after 30 years of practice, playing along to carlos santana.
    3. riding my bike in the cold autumn air. a physical and spiritual adventure.

  2. Every time I see Tunbridge Wells mentioned, I think of the spinster Miss Bartlett from "Room with a View." Dame Maggie Smith played her in that beautiful film.

  3. Clare, I've been following your blog for a while now, and let me express my admiration for your skill in finding beautiful things in this world. I've added a link to your blog to mine, I hope you don't mind. Do visit:
    (I also write another blog, but this is the one that you inspired...)
    And what better way to flatter, than to imitate? So here goes:
    1. Coming to office with a heavy case of monday-morning-blues and getting a completely unexpected and uncharacteristic 'Hey Sweetie' from a friend. Couldn't stop smiling through the rest of my conversation with him.
    2. Barista's Chocolate Xcess... this choco-dessert is a panacea for all ills except obesity!
    3. An impromptu house party with close friends - staying up late in the night watching movies..

  4. Mine for today -
    1. Scrunchy warm faces and mussed up hair on pillows while the wind whistled outside this morning.
    2. The winter, for I think it is here now, sunshine low in the sky.
    3. Secrets.

  5. Hello there...
    I've been doing a "Three Great Things" of my own for about a month now...
    you can look at it, if you like...

  6. here is the link

  7. wow- that's praise indeed for Berghaus boots !

  8. what a great ad for your boots! i think i may have to invest in a pair!

  9. 1) my boyfriend's decided to start hormone therapy. His breast will be in soon.
    2) My period being late this month, giving us both a good scare.
    3) death destruction despair dejection discontent miasma

  10. Thankyou, Clare, both for your mention and your continued inspiration. I'm glad to see that your following among positve observers is growing. You could change the world.


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