Thursday, January 08, 2009

Big boots, touched and earth.

John Naish, author of Enough, has a new project: The Landfill Prize 2009. Go over there and nominate a pointless, wasteful consumer object.

1. Crunching on old snow ice in my big black boots.

2. Katie-at-work was touched by the story on one of her pages. It was about a charity, Facing Africa (disturbing images straight away), which helps prevent the flesh-eating disease noma and helps reconstruct the faces of children affected. She has been fretting about these children and how they could have been saved so much pain by £1 worth of mouthwash. In the afternoon, she comes up with a sponsor form: she's going to lose her stone of winter weight and we're going to pay her. We remind her that every slip-up could cost a child its mouthwash.

3. After washing the root vegetables, the bottom of the sink has a layer of muddy ferns. I chase the dirt down the drain with water, and the pattern changes to waves and fans, lines crossing where the flow has hit the side of the sink and bounced off.