Friday, January 02, 2009

The silence, lost and greens.

Happy New Year, everyone. Wonderful winter posts worth checking out from Box Elder and Elspeth Thompson

1. Silence in the woods. Even our breathing seems intrusive. Then, a woodpecker hammers and a flock of geese across the valley calls.

2. Wandering mapless and watchless, we lose ourselves in the woods. We taste paths, hit roads and retrace our steps.

3. Sitting stout fishcakes on a bed of wilted leeks with ginger.


  1. "Stout fishcakes," good in every sense. And the leeks and ginger! A good start to the New Year, and a happy one to you and Nick.

  2. Thank you for the mention, C. I have really enjoyed posting these wintry entries - winter beauty is a very particular thing, isn't it? and so welcome on these short cold days....
    x E

  3. I think winter beauty is so needed -- it can be such a dark, negative time.

    It's there if you start looking, though.


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