Monday, January 26, 2009

Spice, inclement and work time.

1. The flavour of the cinnamon that infused our hot chocolate milk wriggles its way to the top.

2. We have no need to go out, so it's no concern of ours if the wind roars around the walls and the rain soaks the world drop by drop.

3. It is late and silent, except for me tapping at the keyboard.


  1. thanks for the pictures of the exquisite sewing, it has inspired me to find a project.
    You draw lovely word pictures I truly look forward to catching up with your day. Have you read Books Baguettes and Bedbugs by Jeremy mercer about the Shakespeare book shop in Paris,Part of the blurb on back.
    "A memoir about living in Whitman and Shakespeare and Co and the talented eccentrics and residents."
    Not the most brilliant writing and if time poor skip beginning.

  2. i just rread that cinnamon in the morning challenges your brain cells all day!!Bring on the cinnamon..sandy I may try 3 BT soon. i have always done what I'm thankful


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