Friday, January 23, 2009

Take it away, not walking in this weather and praise.

1. It's grey, dark and rainy and the dustmen still have a 'good morning' for a passing commuter. I can't see them without thinking how glad I am that we don't have to deal with our own rubbish.

2. Being driven on a bus through streets running with water.

3. The art teacher tells us: 'I have said "excellent" more times tonight than I've said in a whole week.'


  1. Lavish in praise,
    Restrained in criticism.

    Ahh the life of the Dustmen. How different that must be.

    So has it been raining a bit ?

  2. I love my dustmen, i leave treats on the bin at xmas time. They are super fit running everywhere.

  3. Clare. Love to visit. I have nominated you for an award.


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