Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First light, the fixer and always someone worse off.

The lovely people over at Things To Do Today have said kind things about 3BT. They also share a pizza recipe, a paper flower and a circus skill.

I am expecting to hit 100 followers (see left bar) any day now, which is very exciting. I won't celebrate until it's 101, as I put myself on the list at the start. Thank you very much for your support -- it's amazing to have a visible list of readers.

1. When working in the mornings, when everything but my pool of light is dark and cold, I like to hear Nick getting up.

2. A fixer comes tumbling into the building to give us a bit of encouragement. He says we should put the readers first; that he talks to at least six strangers a day; and that we should be having fun with our headlines and page layouts. We talk it over, and wonder if it's all snake oil and hoopla, or if there really are good times just around the corner. I am starting to feel as if I've been given permission to do the job I love.

3. I miss my train by seconds and feel very sorry for myself. But while I'm waiting I overhear a lady telling an even sorrier story into her phone -- she had got on the train in London thinking she was going to Blackheath. But no -- "Fast to High Brooms... High Brooms? It's somewhere near Sussex."