Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crowned heads, vegetables and cozy.

Erin has an inspirational blog over at Treasures Found. She blogs about her creative journey in jewellery making. I'm always fascinated by other people's creative experiences. I sometimes forget that writers aren't the only ones who suffer from doubts and fears. Anyway, Erin mentioned 3BT yesterday in her 'check it out' feature, which was very kind of her; and her jewellery is gorgeous.

And Tru commented recently -- she has a new 3BT blog, which I'm putting on the Roll of Honour. It's Please Remind Me to Remind Myself.

1. Blackened rosehips wear twisted sepal crowns. Dying heads full of dreams for the future.

2. A pan of roasted vegetables, caramel brown crisps on orange carrots, red onions, potatoes and parsnips.

3. Wrapping up in a fleece blanket after a bath.

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  1. Clare- Thank you so much for the kind shout-out! I am really tickled!

    I was given the "Honest Scraps" award from Angie who is a talented poetry writer at
    This award is given to someone who blogs from am honest place in their heart and soul. You are one such person. Each post is such a succinct and beautiful glimpse into your life and what really matters. The little things. You can go here: to see what it is all about. And no obligations to play along!

    Enjoy the day!


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