Sunday, January 04, 2009

Breakfast, the gift and a sense of humour.

1. A large cup of hot chocolate.

2. Fenella brings me a parcel, a something that she's seen and decided that I MUST HAVE. It's The Dodo Pad Book of the Big Day. It's wonderfully approachable, so I won't be scared to scribble all over it and paste scruffy bits of paper into it.

3. In his latest TV series, Amazon, Bruce Parry returns to the Matis who visited a few years ago as part Tribe. He projects the film on to the lumpy log walls of the longhouse and is relieved to hear them laugh at all the bits showing him in pain, throwing up or running for the loo.


  1. #2....boy I wish I had had this when I was planning OUR wedding last year! I was so worried I would forget something that MATTERED, but in the end all went well for us and so it will for you too.

  2. I didn't know that Amazon was back on TV. I quite like that show.

  3. 2 is amazing, well done Fenella, but DON'T go getting ideas about cantilevered wedding cakes!
    Aunt x

  4. Try hot chocolate with chili and cinnamon and vanilla. Just melt some beautiful chocolate in a pan with a little water, add milk and some fresh chili, a cinnamon stick and a vanilla pod. Bring to the boil then let it steep off the heat for about 15 mins. Take out the spices and heat again and add a splash of whisky or cointreau or something lovely. Aphrodisiac. Splendid. The best kind of hot chocolate after a long cold walk in winter woodlands.


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