Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On its way, the vicar and memory loss.

1. At the end of lunch, she says: 'It's lovely outside. Warm as spring.'

2. The parish vicar visits us at our desks once a month to see how we're doing. He has a fistful of earrings and an infectious laugh. Wherever he goes round the office there is laughter and exchange of news.

3. I wake in the dark and can't remember anything about myself or my life. Then the knowledge returns and I have to smile at how happy I am.


  1. When you wake up and can't remember anything about yourself, who is it that is not able to remember. You may know the account of Lao Tzu who dreamed that he was a butterfly and that, when he woke up, did not know whether he was a man who had dreamed that he was a butterfly, or a buterfly who was dreaming that he was a man.

  2. i have recently discover your blog. many trails meander here and there. it has been like a pebble dropped into a still pond causing ripple after ripple of delights. it has been a gift and i thank you for it.


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