Friday, January 16, 2009

Leaving, alert and finding.

1. End of work. We scatter into the afternoon like startled birds.

2. I wouldn't have run outside to look if the green sky and gilded clouds hadn't been reflected in the windows opposite.

3. Art class: There is a raven hiding in this piece of cartridge paper.


  1. Were you able to shake the paper and let the raven fly free?

  2. interesting description of the 5 pm 'twillight zone'..I work in a newsroom, so there is always a handover...

    still we scatter

  3. Mars -- me too, but we're a Friday paper, so there's only one shift, and we're it. But we subs work different hours to the rest of the office. If the work flow goes wrong towards the end of the week and there's nothing to do, they tell us to go home in the middle of the afternoon. I always feel a bit startled when I am given those few extra hours as a gift.


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