Thursday, January 22, 2009

Massing, celeriac and drinking wine in the bathroom.

Wow -- I'm over 100 followers. Cheers everyone.

1. Clouds -- gold edged -- are massing in front of the sunrise.

2. A few pieces of raw celeriac.

3. Condensation diamonds on a crystal wineglass.


  1. I don't know if I count as a "follower," but I have your site on my "toolbar" bookmarks, and check in almost every day. It helps me keep a positive outlook on events, and you've given me many new viewpoints and interests. Thanks!

  2. Um, drinking wine in the bathroom? Hopefully while reclined in a tub full of bubbles.

  3. Mary, if you read 3BT, to me you are a follower :-)

    Joe -- but of course!

  4. I link to your site on my blog and make sure to check in with you every day. Such a lovely reminder to slow down and notice the little things. Thank you and keep 'em comin!



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