Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Baking, town badgers and not alone.

1. Our house doctor says: "Whatever you've got baking, keep doing it." It's just a loaf of bread -- but the smell always cheers me up, too.

2. He says that there is a badger track across his town garden, and that friends over the road have a sett, too.

3. Andy walks me home after an evening of catching up and commiseration about the housing market. If anyone wants Tunbridge Wells flats, we've got them.


  1. You are so lucky to have urban badgers where you are. Still, I'm quite happy to have our fox! :-)

  2. i beati -- yes, it's horrible, particularly for a newly-wed couple who are keen to get on with the rest of their lives.

    Happy Frog and I -- It's amazing where they can make themselves at home!

  3. So you have a staging person? I like that name "house doctor." My sister started baking chocolate chip cookies before potential home buyers came by and it eventually worked!

  4. I like your blog. Mine is called Five Good Things, along the same lines, but I don't get time every day to do it. I just love the concept of looking for the good things in life rather than the negative. I shall enjoy following yours!


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