Saturday, March 27, 2010

Improve, pleasing the art editor and purple daisies.

1. To improve a day when everything has gone wrong, I sit down for elevensies with a mug of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie.

2. When I drop off my CD of words and images, the art editor is pleased: "These pictures are beautiful," she says.

3. The doorbell rings. My husband can't get at his keys because his hands are full of purple daisies.


  1. #3 How wonderful! What a thoughtful husband.

  2. It's lovely that husband is such a lovely word.

  3. Love these three (although I think it is funny everyone has assumed the daisies were for you :) I'm sure they were but still makes me smile). My favourite is number one as I know exactly how that feels...that seeping warmth from a cup that takes the cold bite of a harsh day off.


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