Friday, March 12, 2010

Sponsored Post: Ebuzzing gets you through the ad buyer's door

If you are hoping your blog will bring in a little extra income by way of that ugly word monetisation, selling advertising is one way to go about it. But it's hard for us mere mortals to get access to the people who are actually willing to pay up.
Ebuzzing logoEbuzzing is a platform that has just launched in the UK. It gives bloggers an 'in' with big business advertisers who are keen to promote on blogs. The promotion takes the form of blog posts -- clearly marked 'sponsored' -- and videos both in dedicated players and in banners (again, marked with the name of the advertiser).
Ebuzzing video bannerHere's a video campaign in a banner -- the set-up appears similar to Adsense, and it seems as if it might be a good alternative.
It's free to register on -- it took me minutes (I had my stats handy, though), and 3BT was approved within the hour.
You then sign up for a campaign that appeals, read the brief and write a post. Your text is looked over by Ebuzzing and once approved, you can make it live.
Now to the big question -- money. Looking down the list of campaigns I've been offered: most seem to pay €40 for a short post, and I'm getting a bit more for this one. This strikes me as better than a poke in the eye.
Ebuzzing lists some big names among its clients: Coca-Cola, Intel, MTV, MasterCard, Toyota, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, eBay, Canon, Diesel, Warner Bros and Philips. If these guys have got money spend on blog advertising, I'm willing to earn it -- what about you?

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  1. Hmmmm for the first time ever I'm tempted to consider advertising on one of my blogs

  2. Hey Clare! Was wondering if you have plans of connecting the 3bt through Facebook?

  3. re the E-buzzing. Sigh. I can do the writing/posting, but I think I have close to nil readers. Hahaha.

  4. Borderline Unfriendly, I would look into it anyway -- it's not all about reader numbers; it's about regular posting, and quality of content and comments.

    But keep posting regularly, and keep talking about your blog and readers will come.

  5. Re Facebook: there is a group, but I haven't done much with it!

    Here's the address:!/group.php?gid=14764978609&ref=ts

    I'm going to look at what I can do, so feel free to join so you can be there right from the start.

  6. I don't see why, when you've shown the commitment and discipline, as well as the charm and talent that brings people over, you shouldn't be rewarded for that. Many of us, I think, continue to be dilettantish about it and probably prefer not to give ourselves the obligation of trying to write sponsored posts, but good luck to you!

  7. I got validated Clare. Yee-ha. Now have to that discipline to write those sponsored posts.

    Thanks for buzzing the way. And re the Facebook, yep.


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