Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interview booked, the great library and Katie's grandmother.

1.  Finally -- when time is running out -- the interview is booked.

2. We watch Bettany Hughes' Ancient World. It's an episode about Alexandria -- famous in the ancient world for its great library. She stands in the city's modern library and explains that today, as well as the books, there's a massive computer. "Every two or three days, it backs up the entire world wide web." And do you know what means? It means 3BT is (in an indirect way) in the Great Library of Alexandria.

3. I've just heard that Katie-who-I-used-to-live-with's grandmother has died. Katie has recorded the funeral tribute on her blog, and it's a fascinating read. Eileen was a journalist, and whenever our paths crossed, we would talk about that. And after I came back from the epic 2006 Africa trip, we'd talk about that, too. She'd spent many years living in some of the places we'd visited for a few days. When I told her about hearing the kindergarten in the incredible concrete church at Marangu, she corrected me firmly (she never pulled any punches!) -- "Cathedral. I remember that going up."