Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cleaning, getting rid and mushrooms.

1. My mother scrubs the mould off our kitchen window frame.

2. Stuffing sacks of old clothes into the recycling bin. The hopper closes with a polite clang.

3. A pair of palm-sized portobello mushrooms in our vegetable box. Their dense flesh looks like real food. I imagine how a hunter-gather would have felt to find them on her patch. Perhaps she would have smiled and thought: "That's supper sorted."


  1. I took shoes to a recycling bin and it too closed with a 'polite clang'. It was like a big hungry mouth and I was very pleased to be feeding it.

  2. Your lucky, it is normally me who scrubs the mould of my mother's window frames!

    I was just thinking I should have a clear out of clothes and shoes, I feel inspired to do this over the next few days as I know it will make me feel better. :-)

  3. We had portobello mushrooms in our vegetable box too - they were one of my beautiful things last friday - and on Sunday when we ate them! :D

  4. Our Portobellos are awaiting 'that's supper sorted' since we are vegetarians.


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