Friday, March 26, 2010

Storm light, not alone and made it.

1. The grubby yellowish light of a thunderstorm.

2. My Tunbridge Wells Twitter pane lights up as a thunder storm goes over. Exclamations and back-up reminders make me feel as if I'm working in a friendly office again.

3. The last piece of work has been a slog -- I feel as if I've actually climbed the South Downs that I've been writing about. I'm so glad to be standing on the top of the hill looking back at my progress.


  1. #2 very special sandy I long for it

  2. I have had a glance at your blog,now and then, each time it has inspired optimism when I felt creatively despondent... I am not keeping a sort of 'daily' blog (to link my TBTs) , so I will contribute here my ThBTs for today: the steady paddle and sight of pink limbs, in and out of the dark waters of the Serpentine in Hyde Park, while I cowered indoors, at the Cafe, warming my hands on mug --Yes, it is SPRING despite the chill! The first juicy bite into a Gala apple (while counting calories;) and just now, I see these beautiful cotton clouds in a clear sky, pause at my window.

  3. I love the thunderstorm comment; storms are one of my favourite things.


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