Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Organised, chipper and turning the table.

Sandra has written a 3BT post at Living in 22. Have a look at the rest of her blog -- she has some wonderful photos of garden birds.

1. I get a coffee and line up my week's work in my notebook.

2. I like to hear the robin chipping-chipping away -- he sits (small and bellicose) in the conifer outside the window to guard the coconut shell filled with fat and seeds.

3. We have moved the kitchen table round to give more space in the kitchen, and now instead of sitting face-to-face, we sit side-by-side. I wasn't keen because I thought it would make conversation awkward. It doesn't really; and now we tend to turn our chairs at the end of the meal to spend some time cuddling and chatting.


  1. The sound of birds is delightful as spring slowly takes hold.

  2. Hello, thank you for taking the time to write this blog. I love popping in and reading your 3BT and thinking what mine may have been that day. I'm currently going through house moving stress and car changing stress and to lose myself for 10 minutes reading this is priceless. Thank you!!!!!

  3. Thank you, Daisymay -- I'm glad 3BT improves your day. Hope the moves to a new house and a new car go well -- it'll be sooo good when you're in.

    Do feel free to share your beautiful things in the comments, or just drop me an email if you're shy -- I always like to hear from people.

    Blessingsgoddess -- Spring can't come fast enough as far as I'm concerned.


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