Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No, sugar and chilli.

Becoming Human has shared the story about advising Inuit on how to dress for winter in the comments of Monday's post.

1. Saying no.

2. "Look at the wheel of death," says Tim, indicating the nutrition information. It's all green, apart from the sugar, which is a glorious red.

3. Men trying to out-chilli each other.


  1. What did you say 'no' to, I wonder? The chilli, the sugar?

    I like 'wheel of death' for the nutritional information. I remember someone saying once that 'the thing you have to remember is, a calory is a measure of how good something tastes.'

  2. I asked the for the most sugary drink Tim had (I'm normally a water drinker) but I'd had a hard day so a glass of posh lemonade was just the thing (very rock 'n' roll, I know).

    I rejected the chilli -- I took one bite of the pizza and put my slice on Nick's plate. He regretted eating it the next day, though, poor man.


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