Friday, March 12, 2010

The workers, treacle tip and Nick's pie.

I had the pleasure of interviewing artist Lesley Featherstone recently about an exhibition of her pictures at Trinity and Town and Country Foundation Gallery that runs until March 14. She also ran some workshops for women at the gallery.

Lesley emailed me to say that she thought the article was a beautiful thing, which tickled me immensely. She added: "The other was the incredible women at the workshop Monday. The third was putting it up with Jane."

Jane is Jane Churchill, who runs the gallery, and she's a very lovely (but busy) person -- I'd really like to interview her one of these days, too!

The podcast is up.

1. I look up to see the dustman passing the window where I am working. The fourth time he passes (on his way back from replacing our bin) we exchange half nods.

2. I am making a ginger cake, and I am mystified by the instruction to add a certain weight of golden syrup and treacle. I picture myself standing there until Turpentine Sunday while the spoon dribbles a thread of syrup and the weight goes up gramme by gramme. I am so glad to remember my mother's tip -- stand the tin on the scales, and spoon out syrup until the weight drops by the amount you need.

3. At 7pm, Nick takes the pie he has baked for our supper out of the oven. He brings it into the sitting room to show me.