Monday, March 15, 2010

Good spirits, washing line and light opera.

Here are my favourite 3BT posts for the week.

Lynn plays the glad game.
Penelope's daughter sees the joy in a banana.
Eyebee has something nice for breakfast.
Leonora fills her hands and empties her head.
Bag Lady will never be short of work.
Whitney takes a holiday.
Spring has come for Merope's dogs.
Louisa's new dog has her dancing to a different rhythm.
Sprite's birthday presents are handmade with love.
Confucian bells ring true for Plutarch, and a toad reminds him of national service.
Genny hears some satisfying gossip.
It's spring for lucky Joe in Vegas.

1. We visit Nick's parents, and find them in good spirits. When I write that, I feel like a historic diarist -- my whaler's wife, or Anne Hughes from Diary of a Farmer's Wife.

2. I like to bring bedding in off the line -- it always smells better than any detergent ever could. It's a cold smell that fills the vault of my head and makes me think of light and shadow.

3. We've recorded HMS Pinafore -- it's good, once in a while, to sing along with an opera, to make comments about the costumes and to stop the action for a pee break.