Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spice Store, battle and the solar system.

I added three new 3BTers to the Roll of Honour -- all in Spanish. Estando en Babia, El w.c. de Eric, and Despiertos. I've been using Google Translate to get an idea of what they're saying. Muchas gracias por los tres cosas agradables.

1. To hear the shopkeeper discussing ingredients with the family ahead of me in the queue. He is opening a bag of fresh herbs and saying: "I've got some black vinegar downstairs, but it's very expensive."

2. While I work, I can hear Nick and his friend Nigel battling their forces up and down the kitchen table. At the end of the afternoon, they say rather ruefully that they spent most of the day stealing chickens from each other, rather actually engaging.

3. We watch the lovely, lovely Professor Brian Cox revealing the wonders of the solar system. I'm sort of aware of space and moons and eclipses and doesn't the sky look cool through binoculars. But as a result of a disturbing incident with a science book when I was five, I've never really bothered to understand it beyond what I needed to follow an episode of Star Trek. But when the Professor explains it, I really, really want to learn, even the numbers and the distances. He makes it seem like something wonderful he's found, but he's a bit shy about showing you.


  1. I have always loved astronomy so am glad to hear the good Professor is spreading the good word. :-)

  2. I like Brian Cox too, and I'm lovin his series so far. My boyfriend reckons he was in the band D:Ream - I'm not sure I believe it. Must ask Wikipedia.

  3. It's all true!

    And The Radio Times says he puts the sigh back in science.

  4. We're really hooked on it too; your description of him as wanting to share the wonder but being a bit shy is spot-on. Initially fearful of being patronised by another pretty face gushing and cavorting and trying too hard to make the difficult palatable, he very quickly won us over. Tom's in a state of wanting to celebrate physics afresh, I don't understand it all and get a bit dozy but it's all so beautiful anyway. We like the 'bucket physics' experiments and drawings in the sand and things too, and don't even mind unnecessary things like flower markets to show we have seasons!


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