Monday, March 22, 2010

Shake dry, Sunday treat and miscounted.

a. I have a guest post up on Teresa Stenson's blog, This Writer's Life. Thank you for having me, Teresa.

b. I was very excited yesterday to look at Google Reader and see that there were 60 posts in the 3BT feed bundle -- thanks to all the dedicated regular 3BTers. Or why not subscribe to my long-list of favourites, which is updated every Sunday.

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Here are five of my favourite posts from the past week:

1. To pull on the washing line and let it go so that it bounces and shakes off the row of shining water drops.

2. "I love a Sunday treat," says Nick as he takes me down to The Brew House Hotel for afternoon tea. Highlight of the afternoon is the choux buns -- puffs of red-gold pastry filled with cream and covered with dark chocolate. They wait on the middle tier, polite as mushrooms in the woods, while we eat sandwiches and scones. The cream is airy and sweet. And the chocolate, which changes at a finger tip from a dull bloom to melted shine, is so bitter.

3. My maths is dreadful (numbers just don't sit still for me), and because of a miscalculation I am further into this pile of proofreading pages than I planned.