Friday, March 11, 2011

Altered state, for both of us and keeping warm.

1. Alec lies in his pram sucking on one fist while staring at the other. His surprised and wondering expression takes me back to an instructive afternoon in 1997 spent baking hash scones with a few of my university housemates. "Dude, look at my hand! It's... it's... so beautiful."

2. "And as you go down give the babies a tickle," says the yoga teacher. Alec seems to enjoy the kisses, and the stroking and the chance to grab my hair, and I enjoy doing something for me that includes him. As a new mother, I am told about four times a day (it seems, anyway) to make time for myself. I really do try, but I can't be away too long because of feeding; and I miss the little chap to the point where I count the minutes until I can go back to him. This yoga class is something for me that accepts Alec's presence, and welcomes him. I hope I can find more activities like this.

3. I settle back down under the covers and Nick wakes up long enough to tell me to warm myself against him.


  1. 3. My husband says that too. He usually has an ulterior motive.

  2. Including children is a terrific idea (except maybe in some work environments). My parents used to say that any event to which they could not take their children was not something they wanted to do. Cousins thanked my sister at her wedding for inviting children, "It's the first wedding I've ever seen."

  3. Maybe time for you just really means doing things the way you want and relaxing about it, not worrying about what it feels like other people keep telling you you should do...

  4. Hash scones. That's brilliant! :)

  5. Ulterior motives :-)

    We invited children to our wedding, but some parents preferred not to bring them because they wanted an afternoon off! Those that came behaved very well, and (I think) seemed to enjoy themselves.

    Lucy -- you could be right. I do love meeting other mums, but it feels a lot like taking medicine, or doing exercise. I


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