Thursday, March 03, 2011

Healthcare, send off and helping.

1. I take Alec to get his first set of immunisations. The nurse is kind and quick, and rubs the sore spots briskly to take away the pain. She helps me dress him and then takes him off to look out of the window at the car park. This cheers him up no end and he stops bawling, until I take him back...

2. Putting parcels in the post.

3. Something the breast buddy said a week and a half ago clicks today. When Alec yells furiously before a feed, he's not berating me for being slow with the goods. The sound of his crying stimulates the flow of my milk, so really he's helping me get ready. Instead of apologising for making him wait, I praise him for helping and feel relaxed and content when we sit down to feed.