Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dawn noises, a warm day and chiffon.

1. During the 4am feed I listen to birdsong; and for the milkman's sounds -- a soft clang as he opens our gate; the chiming clunk of the bottles on our step, the gate again, and the whirr of his float going back up the street.

2. She warns: "You'll be too hot in that fleece." After half an hour of walking on the common, I have to concede that she's right.

3. Jo and I take our babies to a class on child development and play. Among the toys to try is a set of chiffon scarves in pure rainbow colours and we discover that the little lads love having their faces stroked with the floaty fabric. Alec lies back with his eyes closed and his mouth open in what might be bliss (but who knows with babies).

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  1. Beautiful post. I too go to the baby class and my daughter reacts in the same way to the chiffon rainbow colours. You almost make 4am feeds sound pleasurable!


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