Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cotton wool puff, it's normal and uncle.

1. "I love that sound," says the baby life saving trainer. He's talking about the whisper of air filling the resus dummy.

2. An anxious classmate passes round her latest dirty nappy. "It's normal," we tell her. "I had one the colour of broccoli," says Charlie -- she almost sounds bored. "The GP said it's because she's fighting off a virus."

3. "I'm not taking him, he might explode," says Uncle Robert. But I put Alec on his knee anyway, and they seem quite happy when I get back.

4. I can hear in the kitchen: "Wow! Just wow." Nick has found the fruit cake my mother brought over.


  1. #3 is my favorite today, Clare!! Don't babies just make wonderful changes in people without even trying?

  2. I love number three too :) I once found chunks of dark red crayon, I thought they were blood clots at first! I think the glittery ones we used to get at Christmas added a festive touch :)


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